This is the place where you can find out a bit about your potential photographer.  I love shooting weddings with all the rollercoaster of emotions, fast paced action and quiet emotional moments.  I'm warning you now that I'm likely to cry at your speeches, and boogie on down on the dancefloor flashing everyone (photographically speaking) as I go!  I also love shooting families, afterall this is how my journey back to photography started.  Read on, and see if you think we'd click.

I'm not taking photos because I want to say something,

I'm taking photos because I want to


Hampshire wedding photographer and family portrait photographer Jenny Owens


Hello there!  So you’d like to learn a bit more about me?  Well, I’ll start at the beginning, I was born in the Philippines but have spent most of my life in the UK.  If you speak to me in tagalog, I will understand what you are saying, but I probably won’t be able to reply coherently or in the same language!  The little bird in my logo is a wren – my Nan used to call me her little Jenny Wren, the nickname kinda stuck and if you meet me you’ll find out that it fits rather well.

I have a thing for old -fashioned film photography and you’ll often find me carting around a variety of vintage 1950’s cameras that still work to this day.  Yes, that camera in this photo still works and it’s one of my favourites! It’s a rolleiflex tlr which means it shoots squares and I would usually get 12 frames from one roll of film.  I’ve always loved photography from my teenage years, but only went back to it with a vengeance after my two munchkins were born and I started taking loads of pictures of them.  I went back to the Open College of Art to take The Art of photography course (incidentally it was also the last year they taught film), and in 2010 I started Jenny Owens Photography!

In my dreams (if I had spare time and money) you’d most likely find me in a beach hut by the south coast of the UK (I love the sea), just lounging and reading (I love reading but don’t get enough time to read nowadays), surrounded by family and friends (love family and friends!) Or another dream is to be pootling around the New Forest in a VW campervan.  But I’d also settle for a good piece of cake and a hot cup of tea.  That also makes me happy.

So that’s me in a nutshell.  Please take a look at my portfolio and if you like my style, you can hire me for weddings and children and family photography in Hampshire and surrounding areas.     I look forward to hearing from you!