I’m sure you have lots of questions – after all it’s not everyday that you get to organise a wedding (or a family session for that matter). So here are some of the most common questions asked of me.

I work on my own for around half the weddings I photograph each year.  But I also work a lot with other professional wedding photographers if the package chosen by the couple includes a second shooter.  It really depends on your preferences and timings.  If there are multiple locations, a tight timeline, and maybe a larger wedding, then I would suggest hiring a second shooter.  All my second shooters are experienced photographers, professional and friendly people so you will be in safe hands.

I love to shoot old fashioned film. I use it all the time for my own personal work.  I do tend to use digital only on professional sessions and edit my photos to look like film with a softer more natural look but if you’d like me to shoot both on real film and digital on your day then do ask me and I’ll bring some along.  Or, I also mean I “film” short snippets of video to put in with a short video slideshow from your day. Take a look at my top packages both for family sessions and weddings for this option.

The Copyright, Designs and Patents Act 1988 states that as the photographer, I own the Copyright to your images but what you will get is a personal print licence which means that you can make prints, products, share your photos with your friends and family as long as they are for personal use only and not sold for commercial gain.

As for the photos, I promise you’ll get all the best ones!  I tend to automatically discard all unflaterring poses (people blinking etc) and then I go through duplicates of the same pose and choose the best ones.  You will get all of those in your gallery.

Just kidding. Actually a lot of people ask me if I’m insured and what happens if I can’t photograph your wedding / event for whatever reason. The answer is yes I’m insured (if your venue requires me to show them my certificate I can), and if I can’t be there in person, I will give you the option of either cancelling my services and finding another photographer on your own, or I can give you recommendations, or I could send another trusted professional photographer to cover for me and then I will complete the editing so you would still get my style. If it’s an emergency then I am part of an emergency group of photographers who will find cover.

Under current conditions, the booking fee can be transferred over to a new date if it’s a postponement and if changes need to be made to the package originally booked, then I am happy to make changes as required and if possible. If it’s a total cancellation due to Covid-19 regulations then only a proportion of the booking fee is kept according to how much work and admin has already been provided.

bride and groom looking at each other in an emabrace outside Portchester castle wedding
Bride and groom kissing infront of trees at Skylar Golf and Country Club by Jenny Owens Photography

I’ve had a few people request no group shots whatsoever and I’ve had some with over 2 pages worth of groups to photograph. Again I will work towards what you want but generally speaking most couples that book me opt for a few formal groupings (usually of close family) then the rest more informal as it happens kind of shots.

Family sessions are usually held at the family’s home or out and about in the beautiful Hampshire Countryside. Outdoor sessions are weather dependant to a certain extent but I have had sessions outdoors in the pouring rain before and it’s given some great shots !

As mentioned above, I’ve had sessions where it’s literally pouring with rain and as long as everyone is up for it and getting a bit wet, then I’m game! If not, family sessions can be postponed to another time, but if it’s a wedding then I always suggest having a backup plan for photos inside or somewhere sheltered if needed.

You can do whatever you like with your photos as long as they are for personal use only. Share them with friends and family, make scrapbooks, albums etc. However, if you are planning on sharing them with a massive multi national company for their use then you will need to contact me for commercial use licence as that is an entirely different issue.  For wedding couples who would like to share their photos with their other suppliers – that is fine with me as long as those suppliers credit me as the photographer (eg link or mention my social media handles as appropriate). If they do not agree to do this then I would have to issue them with a commercial licence which incurs an additional fee (paid by whomever uses the photos commercially).