An interview with Poppy Flora : a West Sussex based Wedding Supplier

West Sussex wedding headwear designer Poppy Flora


Goodmorning!  It’s finally sunday 8th march, the day of the Stansted park wedding fair run by The Nostalgic wedding Fair!  Today will be the penultimate in my series of Wedding Supplier interviews centred around some of the suppliers at this fair ( a few of us were involved in a photoshoot for Doily days magazine, and I’m using the photos from there to go along with their mini interview).  So I hope that some of you reading now are planning on coming to see us, and if you’re reading after the fair, do take a look at the last 7 days of interviews to learn about us!

So today’s wedding supplier is the very elegant Claire from Poppy Flora!  Let’s hear from her!

wedding headwear photoshoot of Poppy Flora at Duncton Mill by wedding photographer Jenny Owens

I started the business just over a year ago having made jewellery for a number of years just for pleasure. A friend of mine was getting married and I offered to make her headpiece and the rest is history! I am based in West Sussex, but can mail order to anywhere in the UK and internationally. I create bespoke designs for clients using wirework and embroidery techniques, as well as one off creations using ‘reloved’ vintage jewellery, all of which are available to buy from my website, I love what I do! Not only does it fit perfectly in with my family life, it is my passion and I am very lucky to be able to run my own business.

What do you love about your business?

I love to make, so spending hours in my studio, designing, sorting through beads, learning different techniques is what drives me, the fact that people like to wear my work makes me smile. The wedding industry is full of such wonderfully talented people who I love to meet and collaborate with.

What’s the most popular item/trend you’re seeing for weddings in 2015?

Bright colours, retro centre pieces/themes and brides looking for that ‘unique’ experience.

Poppy Flora in vintage clothing at photoshoot by Hampshire photographer Jenny Owens

  If you were to get married again or if you were to get married in 2015/16, what would your wedding be like?

I would probably not do anything that differently as it was my perfect day, vintage, lots of handmade items, homegrown flowers and huge tower of Crispy Creme donuts for our alternative wedding cake. I would make my own headpiece and jewellery this time round though!

  What’s your own favourite item that you provide yourself?

I’m loving my latest tambour beaded designs. The technique of tambour embroidery is so versatile, I can use it to make any design or colour to suit the client’s needs.

tambour design headwear and bracelet

  What’s your favourite wedding top tip?

Do what you want to do as a couple, not what others want you to do. It’s your wedding after all!

Poppy Flora at Duncton Mill by jenny woens Photography

  What’s your favourite tipple?

I do love a cold, crisp glass of New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc

  What’s your favourite snack?

I’m rather partial to a Viennese whirl.

Poppy Flora floral headresses on rustic table by Jenny Owens Photography

Thanks so much Claire. Your own wedding sounds amazing!  You can find Poppy Flora at these various places:

Thanks To Duncton Mill for hosting the shoot (they also host a select number of weddings a year), and to the following hair and make up artists who worked on the team – Creations at Chichester, Toni Todd, Caroline Kearney from Mobile hair and beauty.

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