Katie and Rupert’s Wedding at Upwaltham Barns

Congratulations Katie and Rupert on a wonderful wedding with your closest friends and family at Upwaltham Barns. It may have a tiny bit chilly for their spring wedding at Upwaltham barns but that didn’t stop anyone enjoying themselves! And the two barns itself at the venue provided a cozy and warm place to natter and catch up with at first a prosecco bar and then later tea and coffee in the evening.  Everyone looked fabulous in their wedding outfits, with the sparkly light blue bridesmaids matching the ties and hankies of the groomsmen. The colours cheme was very spring-like and the decorations made lovingly by hand.  Katie herself looked amazing in her full skirted lace gown and looked every inch like a disney princess and her groom Rupert looked very dashing in his blue suit. Friends and family traveled far and wide to celebrate with them. They had very special personal touches throughout the day involving close friends and family members, but perhaps a special mention needs to go to Dora who took to her duties very well, behaved beautifully throughout the day and delivered the rings safely to her humans. Here are just a few photos from last Saturday until the full set is ready for Katie and Rupert’s 1 month anniversary.

shot of Upwaltham barns from a distance
barn at Upwaltham barns set up for wedding ceremony
a white heart with bride on the wedding gown hanger
5 light blue sparkly bridesmaid dresses hanging up at Upwaltham barns
5 brdiesmaids in matching stain robes infront of their bridesmaid dresses
5 light blue sparkly bridesmaid dresses hanging up on wooden beam with brdies' gown in the middle
bride with 2 bridesmaids taking a selfie
bride laughing with bridesmaids with prosecco in hand
dyptich of full skirted bridal gown hanging in window with silver shoes and brdie wearing gown looking out of window
portrait of bride looking down by the window with blonde hair in an up-do
bridesmaids in blue gowns and mother of brdie looking down from balcony
groom's brother adjusting his tie
groom tying floral garland around his pet dog's neck
groom and his best men walking off to ceremony
groom and groomsmen
brdie with reflection in mirror getting ready to go out with family around her
bride and father of bride walking to ceremony room at Upwaltham barns
groomsmen waiting sitting down in ceremony room
bride and father of bride walking up aisle to meet groom and best man
dyptich of pet dog walking up to the altar
brdie and groom taking the wedding rings off their pet dog
first kiss infron of friends and family at Upwaltham barns
confetti being trhown at wedding couple outside barn at Upwaltham barns
bride and bridesmaids with pet labrador
brdiea nd groom kissing at entracne of Upwaltham barns with their pet labrador looking on
wedding cake topper of brdie and groom and golden retriever pup
brdie and groom walking up hill behind Upwaltham barns with their pet dog
bar area and light blue decorations at Upwaltham barns
dancing area in barn with ballons and blue lanterns at srping wedding at Upwaltham barns
brdie and groom first dance kissing with lighting from 2 flashes either side of them




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