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Unique Cakes by Yevnig


Hello!  My next post in my Featured Wedding Supplier series is guaranteed to make you drool.  Today, it’s all about the Cake, specifically Wedding Cakes! Mmm, yum.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Unique Cakes By Yevnig for your wedding cake needs.  Yevnig is a lovely person who makes the most delicious, moist and full of flavour wedding cakes in Hampshire.  In fact she’s the Winner of the 2016 Wedding Industry Awards for London and the South East!  Congratulations Yevnig, it certainly is a very well deserved award.

So back in the summer of 2015, Alex from The Nostalgic Wedding fair/Vintage Parade organized a summer shoot with wedding suppliers in Hampshire who were going to be attending their next fair.  That’s where I met Yevnig and got to sample her delicious cakes.  We then worked together again on another shoot at Marwell Hotel (photos here).  She very kindly agreed to an interview to go with this blog post so here it is! (photos are a combination from both shoots)

Tell me about your business and how you started.

I think my story of how I got started is quite typical of many Cake Designers – it was very organic and a natural progression. Rewind back to 7 years ago, to my oldest son’s first birthday and the thought that I wanted to celebrate his party with a special cake. I had never (ever) baked a cake at that point, yet alone decorated one. I just did what I thought you had to do, locked myself in the kitchen for a day and came out with my first “commission”. Looking back, it was a bit abstract and not like regular kid’s birthday cakes, but the reaction from friends and family was quite remarkable and very positive. It appeared I had created something very untypical and eye-catching. It wasn’t long before some of the other mums were asking me to help them with their kid’s cake… this was the start of me getting into Cake in a big way. The rest is history…

mini naked cakes held out infront of cake maker Unique cakes by Yevnig

Where do you get your inspiration from?

Many people ask me where I get my inspiration from, but it’s a tricky one to answer. I’m always picking up ideas from everywhere – textures from lovely dresses I see, colours in real life that work well together, ornate architecture, keeping abreast of international cake trends, etc… But most often, I just think of something that seems “interesting” and then I play with it until I get the look I’m after.

Unique cakes by Yevnig standing by fireplace with her sample cakes by Jenny Owens Photography

What’s your most popular flavour/design/theme?

My ‘Vintage Chic’ range of birdcage-inspired wedding cakes are always popular and one of my signature designs. I offer this cake in a variety of finishes and intricacies and often my couples’ ask me to make the top, birdcage tier to be a display piece. In this way, they can keep a wonderful souvenir of their wedding cake for the rest of their wedded-life!

cake table with grapes, miringues andtiered wedding cake with birdcage above and smaller cakes on the sidecloseup dyptich of birdcage tired wedding cake by Unique cakes by yegnig shot by Jenny Owens Photography

What’s your personal favourite item that you sell and why?

I do really relish those ‘blank-sheet of paper’ commissions, where my clients want me to design them something ‘just perfect’ for their big day. I guess I love it when my creativity is untethered and I can explore more unusual and unique designs. My personal favourite is a close call between about 5 designs – but I really do like the way my “Golden Rose Elegance” cake catches the light. The bubbly vision it portrays seems to reflect my own character somewhat!

Portrait of Unique cake by Yevnig

Do you see any trends coming up for 2016?

There are some amazing trends for the coming year, including calming & beautiful pastel coloured cakes and a return to more-traditionally stacked tiers (and less cupcake towers).

dyptich of rose cake and chocolate truffles by Unique cakes by Yevnig and shot by Jenny Owens Photography

What do you do to relax?

I forgot what relaxing is! Running my business, looking after my 2 boys and hubby and everything else keeps, me quite busy these days! When I do get some time “off”, I do enjoy treating myself to a well-deserved Beauty Treatment. I have a wonderful local practitioner who is able to wipe out a week’s worth of stress in half and hour – her name’s Laura and she runs Inner Bliss, located in Basingstoke.


If you were to snack on something, would it be sweet or savoury?

Ha Ha! Good question! Before I was so deeply involved with Cake and patisserie, then it would have definitely been “sweet” – but now I’m not so sure. Being surrounded by the best quality dessert and sweet ingredients has become my “day job”, so I guess a good cheeseboard with crackers or pack of quality nuts would be my first choice for a cheeky snack!

cake pops and delicate pink sugar roses by Unique cakes by Yevnig and shot by Jenny Owens Photography


Favourite holiday destination?

That’s a difficult one. I’ve loved everywhere I’ve been. Lugano in the southern part of Switzerland was an absolutely heavenly place to visit in the snow. I really also enjoyed a fantastic holiday in Tenerife in the blazing Canary Island sun! Visiting new places is always fun, not sure I have a favourite as-such.

Yevnig and her husband at Nostalgic wedding fair photoshoot

Where can we find you (web addresses/shops)?

 I operate a very personal, boutique service, based in Basingstoke, Hampshire. I invite my clients to visit me for our design meetings at my consultation room by appointment only. I’m best contacted by phone on 07827 298832 and am most prominent on Social Media – just google “Yevnig” to easily find my Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram, etc… Or you could always check out my website at Look forward to hearing from you!


Thanks so much for the insight into your world Yevnig!  I can’t wait to work with you again soon hopefully!



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