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Photographing weddings for as long as I have means I’ve started to notice some similarities with the gorgeous brides and grooms that grace the space in front of my camera. I hesitate to use the phrase, but I’ve narrowed it down to 5 wedding couple types that I most commonly work with.  I feel that I have to say that each of them are all special, unique and individual but generally these types of couples are the people I most often feel comfortable with, connected to, and have fun with on the run up to the wedding day, the day itself and afterwards.  So, I thought it might be interesting to share these types with you so you can see if you’re one of them! This is, of course, only meant as a bit of fun but by breaking down these types, I hope it gives you inspiration for your own wedding planning.

So, with that in mind… let’s begin!

bride and groom in filed of buttercups at Lymington New Forest

1. The DIY Couple

Ah, the DIY couple! I’ve started with this fun-loving couple because DIY weddings are always so personal and inspiring. DIY brides and grooms are full of ideas and passion. They’re creative and so talented. They have a strong vision of how they want their day to look as well.

I find they love the outdoors and a more rustic feel to their weddings. This is because of the handmade look and feel of everything involved. I haven’t yet met a DIY couple who doesn’t love animals. They may even feature in her wedding somewhere!

The DIY bride and groom (or bride and bride, groom and groom) love homemade touches. They might do their own flowers, make their own decorations or even bake their own cakes. If they don’t do these things themselves, they know a talented friend or family member who does. So, they’ll enlist them in the wedding planning process.  I’ve also often found that they or members of their family are often heavily involved in their local community and can often enlist the help of the community in their wedding!

While there’s an element of thriftiness or wanting to save a few pennies with this couple, it doesn’t mean they are skimping on style or taste. If anything, the DIY couple has excellent taste. And they know how to bring that to the party without it costing an absolute fortune.

DIY couples are free-spirited souls.  They’re likely to choose a smaller, more intimate, wedding venue – such as a village hall or a back garden. Their wedding will have bags of personality, with themes that show their favourite things, places or hobbies, for example.

DIY Couple examples:

A Colourful Summer Wedding and Woodland Trail

Lucy and Tabby’s DIY Summer Wedding at Barford Park Barn

2. The Whimsical Couple

The whimsical couple is so much fun! They are full of colour and humour and vivacity. There is never a dull moment at a whimsical bride and groom’s wedding.  They are also daring and optimistic and won’t let the thought of a bit of rain dull their day. This couple is all about the joy of a wedding, and they will be the life and soul of the party too.

Like DIY couples, whimsical couples might love a bit of outdoor inspiration. Garden weddings, weddings with a festival vibe (perhaps under cover of canvas, you’ve got to love a tipi!) or venues that are a little bit quirky generally feature. Whimsical brides and grooms sometimes take a little inspiration from their favourite books and fairytales as well.

This wedding couple type are adventurous with their look. They might choose an alternative style wedding dress or outfit– a less traditional shape or a dress with pockets, maybe.  They might get their attendants (bridesmaids and groomsmen) in less traditional dresses, suits, colours as well.  They’ll also flaunt the most beautiful a beautiful, bright and colourful floral designs and bouquet, which is always a joy to photograph.

Whimsical couples are definitely selective with their details. But they have a way of really bringing those details all together to create one stunning look for their day.

Here are a couple of whimsical couples I loved working with:

The Wench and the Woodsman New Forest Wedding

A Relaxed Tipi Wedding with Pops of Colour

A Disused Vintage Railway Station Wedding

3. The Fusion Couple

The fusion couple are very close to my own heart, for obvious reasons! I love how fusion weddings combine heritages, traditions and cultures of all types in one beautiful celebration. And I love how each fusion couple does it so uniquely.

The fusion bride and groom are proud of their heritage. They want to combine all the best traditions from each background into one wonderful day, whilst also making it personal to them.

Family is of the utmost importance to the fusion couple. There’s usually a strong familial influence on the day, with family members getting involved in all aspects of the wedding. This love of family might encompass rituals or small ceremonies from whichever cultures are joining together, as well as involving a more traditional wedding (whether religious or not!).

I find food is an important factor at fusion weddings. Food is just as important a part of a person’s culture as their heritage and traditions are. In many cultures, it’s what brings friends and family together. It is something to be shared and enjoyed together. Many conversations happen over a hearty meal. The food elements of fusion weddings are typically less formal than a traditional English wedding breakfast.

Some gorgeous fusion couples:

A Summer Wedding with Sri Lankan Influences

A Wedding with a Chinese Tea Ceremony

A Modern and Persian Mix Wedding

4. The Intimate Wedding Couple

The intimate wedding couple usually book me for shorter wedding coverage or smaller, more intimate ceremonies, with a small group of friends and family. It could be that they’re not keen on being the centre of attention, or maybe they have been together for years but are just now getting around to getting married, or they’ve done this before. Whatever the reasons, they prefer minimal fuss. The emphasis is on their family and the marriage itself.

Our intimate wedding couple may have children who feature heavily in their day.  They are less concerned with details like décor or what flowers they is holding. This doesn’t mean they don’t have exquisite taste though. It just means they place less importance in these things.

The intimate wedding couple’s day is usually full of emotion and lots of big smiles and joyful faces. It’s always clear that the people they have asked to be there with them are incredibly important to them. This always translates to the best emotions for me to capture in their photographs.

They’re a couple with a lot of confidence in themselves and their style too. They might not go all out with a particular look.  They might have a classic piece and then quirk it up with an awesome headpiece or a cool leather jacket.  They may be refined but likes to show little glimpses of their wild side every now and again!

Seriously cool intimate weddings:

A Laid Back, Chic Wedding with a First Look

A Small Informal Wedding with a Party at Home

A Glam Winter Wedding in a Barn

5. The Eclectic Couple

As the name suggests, the eclectic couple is exactly that… a couple who does whatever they please and uses a mash up of all the different styles I’ve already mentioned here. And plenty of other styles as well!

The eclectic couple loves a bit of all styles. They aren’t afraid to mix things up and make their day all about them. They love boho, but they’ll make classic choices too. They will use modern and contemporary ideas but throw a little vintage into the mix.

They’re a little bit quirky.  They’re a little bit alternative. But they also love a tradition.

Ultimately, what defines the eclectic couple is that they will not be defined by a particular type. They love a variety of styles and traditions. They have a mix of personality and ideas and they want to bring it all to the table.

And you can’t get much better than that. Because, after all, your wedding should be about you and your partner. So, mix it all up, create new styles and traditions and celebrate the old ones. Just do you. Have the wedding you have always dreamed of and it will look amazing – guaranteed.

Some of my favourite eclectic couples:

Relaxed outdoor ceremony at a 19th Century Manor House

A Beautiful Blue Woodland Themed Tipi Wedding

portrait of bride looking at camera and groom looking away

If you think you’re one of these types of couples, or even if you’re not one of these wedding couple types but you want to work with me, then get in touch and let’s chat about how I can help you on your big day!

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